The Wedding Expo is heading to Islamabad next month

The Wedding Expo is heading to Islamabad next month

The highly successful wedding expo which started last year from Lahore and Karachi is now heading to Islamabad in May. The wedding expo in Islamabad will be held in Cafe 1969 Islamabad.

The main aim of the wedding expo is to showcase the finest wedding suppliers from around the country to the people of Islamabad who will be planning their wedding for the upcoming wedding season this year.

The wedding expo is being organized by PFM Mag and will have several activities other than supplier stalls. Visitors will also be able to enjoy fashion shows, music events, competitions, brand exhibitions, live intaksharis and more.

With the help of the wedding expo, new wedding suppliers in Islamabad will have the opportunity to broaden their reach and extend their network. A high turnout from new couples and other people who have interest in wedding planning will be attending the expo which is an excellent way to boost your business if you are a vendor looking to expand.

The wedding expo will be a two-day event scheduled to be held on the 12th and 13th of May in Cafe 1969 Islamabad. For more details on the expo, visit the official event page here.