Islamabad Traffic Police took strict action against one wheelers on Eid

Islamabad Traffic Police took strict action against one wheelers on Eid

Eid is a wonderful religious festival that is celebrated across the world by Muslims after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Although Eid is celebrated with the same zest in Pakistan as anywhere else in the world, sometimes our youth can get out of hand.

It is quite common to see youngsters misuse motorcycles on the road by performing stunts on road without any safety measures. One wheeling in Pakistan claims hundreds of lives on events like these alone.

Almost 500+ youngsters were admitted to the hospital in Karachi after suffering minor and major injuries due to one wheeling.

In Islamabad however, the Islamabad Traffic Police kept youngsters safe by taking strict action against anyone found performing stunts and one wheeling on the roads of the capital.

The police had placed special checkpoints around the roads of the capital in an attempt to stop youngsters from endangering their lives. The police confiscated more than a hundred motorcycles on the occasion of Eid for the safety of the general public and of those who were performing stunts without safety measures.

Performing stunts on a motorcycle is extremely dangerous and can be fatal if not performed with proper safety measures. Unfortunately, most youngsters in Pakistan perform these stunts without any professional training or safety gear, leading to permanent major injuries and even death.

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