Residents just planted 300 trees in sector G-11 and F-11

Residents just planted 300 trees in sector G-11 and F-11

Islamabad is currently facing one of the hottest summer seasons of all time. This excruciating heat is creating a lot of problems for the general public as they do their day to day activities.

This unusual heat has also caused the Rawal Lake to almost dry out creating an alarming water shortage situation in Pakistan. Weather experts believe that the heat is due to fewer trees now in the capital compared to years before.

Every year trees in Islamabad are stripped off slowly and this is creating a climate change in the capital which can now be visibly felt this season.

The situation is slowly causing panic in the general public and a lot of young people from the capital are getting together to replant the lost trees in the capital.

Just today a bunch of youth from the capital completed a plantation drive where they planted over 300 trees in the sectors G-11 and F-11. A Gardner to look after these plants has also been hired until the trees are ready to be left alone.

The plantation drive was completed thanks to many donors who helped these youth make this plantation drive become a reality. Now the general public is aiming to plant more trees next month in Islamabad during the independence day of Pakistan.