Real estate marketing and stone crushing has been banned in Islamabad

Real estate marketing and stone crushing has been banned in Islamabad

Section 144 has been placed in the federal capital by the district magistrate along with several other acts. The section 144 will effectively ban marketing campaigns by private real estate companies and any work on stone crushing sites has also been stopped.

The section 144 will also ban rallies, public gatherings, demonstrations, use of loudspeakers, amplifiers, and controversial speeches have also been banned.

Around seven notifications were issued by the district magistrate. One of these notices read that section 144 has been declared throughout the district and anyone found breaching the banned activities will be charged under the section 188.

Another notice issued by the district magistrate read that a two-month ban is placed on stone crushing sites in order to reduce noise pollution in the area. Developers of real estate private housing have been specifically targetted in the notice and have been banned from marketing their activities.

The marketing activities include spreading brochures, advertisements, and handbills. Additionally, the sale purchase and possession of firecrackers has also been banned in the capital.

Any party or organization who wants to gather in the capital must register their protest. Upon allowance, the party can use the parade ground for their public gathering or anywhere else specified by the District Magistrate.