Throw and grow campaign begins in Islamabad

Throw and grow campaign begins in Islamabad

The citizens of Islamabad are coming together to kickstart the throw and grow campaign at the Margalla Hills to promote the plantation of trees with internationally recognized methods that are easy to use by anyone.

The campaign is being launched with the help of Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) which is inviting people from all kinds of civil societies, media, and others to visit the trails along Margalla hills.

Every volunteer for the campaign is being called at trail three, five and six of the Margalla Hills to initiate the campaign.

The campaign will take advantage of seed balls which will be thrown around the trails of Margalla Hills. Water from rainfalls in monsoon season will help brow these seeds into saplings and eventually trees.

According to sources, the success rate of planting trees this way is just around over 50 percent compared to other methods which are about 10 percent accurate only.

The seed balls are being specifically used because they are an easy way to plant the trees. You do n0t have to dig the ground to plant a sapling, something which common public hesitates to do.