PIMS begins its free kidney transplantation program

PIMS begins its free kidney transplantation program

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences has just begun its free renal transplantation program. A team of experts has already successfully transplanted a kidney into patient Waheed Akhtar to begin the program.

The 30-year-old had problems with his right kidney which had rendered completely useless. A kidney donated by his 57-year-old mother helped the team transplant a working kidney into the patient.

PIMs used to transplant kidneys back in the 90s on a limited scale but it stopped doing so because the transplant surgeon had retired. Now the program has resumed as more doctors have been hired.

The hospital will be transplanting kidneys for free from now on but later on will start charging people who are well to do.

This is a very welcoming change because kidney transplant operations can cost a lot of money. With free transplantation now being offered at PIMS in Islamabad, it will take away a lot of pressure and stress from people suffering from kidney failure and unable to pay for the surgery.

However, it is still important to note that the hospital will only be transplanting kidneys if a working kidney is donated/provided.