Islamabad Authorities Launch A Massive Clean Drive

Islamabad Authorities Launch A Massive Clean Drive

Islamabad is without any doubt one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. However, due to a recent population surge in the city, the beauty of this city is now fading.

There are not only lesser trees in Islamabad but you can also see heaps of garbage lying around in nearly all parts of the city. Even the most recognized and posh sectors of Islamabad, including F-7 and F-6, are not safe from these garbage dumps.

Recently, the garbage problem of the city got out of control. This caused outrage in residents who complained to the local authorities and demanded that they act.

The Islamabad Authorities have finally heard the citizens and have now started a massive cleanliness drive in the city. The Cleaniless drive started in France Colony and made its way to sectors F-6, F-7. G-15, and many other areas of the city.

The Municipal authorities of Islamabad have announced that they will continue the cleanliness drive until the menace of random garbage dumps in the city is dealt with.

The authorities are also launching awareness campaigns, trying to educate people to keep their city clean.

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