Speed Breakers on PWD Road to be flattened

Speed Breakers on PWD Road to be flattened

The speed breakers on PWD road have long been a menace for not only the residents of this society but also for the thousands of commuters that travel through the road to reach other societies connected via only one road.

The PWD main road is a busy road, without any doubt. After all, it connects Bahria Town Phase 4 and other societies and has a lot of upscale businessĀ along the road.

For long, its residents have complained to the authorities about the speed breakers which are unevenly designed. These breakers are made so high and uneven that they have caused a lot of damage to cars traveling on the road.

ListeningĀ to the complaints, the Assistant Commissioner (rural) Umer Randhawa has finally taken notice and has ordered to flatten these extremely troublesome speed breakers on the road.

The news came after authorities have already begun working on filling the many broken patches on the PWD road which have created a lot of problems for commuters for a very long time.

Additionally, the ineffective drainage system of the area will also be improved to ensure that rainwater does not accumulate on the road.

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