Here are all the women’s day special deals you can avail in Islamabad

Here are all the women’s day special deals you can avail in Islamabad

The International Women’s day is celebrated yearly on the 8th of March. Today, in many parts of the world, the International Women’s Day is a public holiday. In contrast, it is also ignored in many places in the world.

In Pakistan, there is a good balance of both. It isn’t a public holiday, but people still celebrate it and know the importance of this day.

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, many eateries and businesses in Islamabad are honoring the ladies of the capital by giving them discounts, free goodies, and more.

If you’re in Islamabad, grab a bunch of your lady friends and head over to these eateries to avail discounts. After all, it is Friday night too!

La Terraza

La Terraza, the premium Italian restaurant in F7 is offering 25% off for all the ladies on the table.


Chattha’s in F-11, known for its great breakfast, is serving free dessert for all women as long as you have dinner with them.

Tuscany Courtyard

The Italian restaurant best known for its amazing dishes are also serving free dessert for all women who have dinner at the place.


Cinnabon will serve you a free cup of coffee all day today


Baau’z is also serving free desserts and drinks to women throughout the day.


Mindanos is giving away a free third meal to a gathering of three ladies.

Jade Cafe

Jade Cafe is offering 100% off on one of the meals for two ladies dining at the eatery.

DIY Eatery

DIY Eatery will give you free cookies today!

Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana is giving free brownies to all the women!


Francos will give you a discount based on how many people you are.

The Butcher’s Cafe & Grill

The cafe is giving free drinks and 30% off provided that you wear green.

Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol is giving a flat 10% discount to women.

Casa Rica

Casa Rica is serving free dessert to women all day

Desi Accent

Desi Accent is giving a flat 20% off all day

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