Islamabad Eat is coming back to Islamabad in March 2019

Islamabad Eat is coming back to Islamabad in March 2019

After the massive success of Islamabad Eat 2018, Coke Fest 2018, and the more recently held Islamabad Taste, the Eat Festival is returning to the capital for one more time.

Islamabad Eat festival 2019 recently updated their social media pages with a surprise for the residents of the capital. According to the update, the most sought out food festival of Islamabad is returning on March 29.

The Eat festival will once again be a weekend 3-day deal which will have plenty of food from around the capital and outside with entertainment and music thrown in the mix.

But perhaps the biggest difference from past Islamabad Eat festivals is that this time the festival is being held in Fatima Jinnah Park. This will be a special edition of the Eat festival to welcome Spring.

Since it is being held in Fatima Jinnah Park, there is enough reason to believe that the festival could be free for everyone to enter. In other words, it will not have passes.

The Islamabad Eat 2018 tickets costed around Rs. 300 which is steep considering that you still have to pay for the food inside. Could this be changed with the festival being held in F-9 Park?

Hopefully, the management will reveal the details very soon.

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