Lahore’s renowned Mouthful restaurant comes to Islamabad

Lahore’s renowned Mouthful restaurant comes to Islamabad

For those of you who love food from Lahore, there is good news for you. The renowned restaurant Mouthful has just arrived in Islamabad. The restaurant prides itself as being one of Pakistan’s first natural and healthy food restaurant.

Mouthful is well known for its menu because they only pick the food that they have mastered for their menu. The menu of the restaurant aims to take you on a trip around the world as they provide you with various dishes from different regions of the world.

But Mouthful in Islamabad is not just about the taste and its amazing menu, the restaurant also has an excellent outdoor seating on the fourth floor of union gold mall building, giving you direct look at the open Margalla Hills of Islamabad as you enjoy a meal.

The combination of good food, great service, the view of Margalla hills, and the fact that the restaurant comes from Lahore makes it worth checking out. You’ll be surprised how good the food is when you actually try it out.

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