Water recycling prototype installed at car wash station to save water wastage

Water recycling prototype installed at car wash station to save water wastage

Islamabad MCI and UNDP have installed one of a kind water recycling prototype in Islamabad, launched on one of private car wash stations.

The idea behind water recycling is to save water from being wasted in the capital. Pakistan currently faces a huge challenge due to increasing water scarcity.

Estimates have indicated that at the current level Pakistanis are using the water, it may run the country dry by 2025. This is why the government is also trying its best to get a dam constructed so more water can be conserved.

But steps like conserving water at the local level should also be practice if we want to make sure that we don’t run out of the water. In Islamabad particularly, water levels have gone down to alarming levels. If this is continued, we will have massive problems with household water.

Water scarcity is a major challenge in Pakistan — estimates indicate that at the current rate the country may run dry by 2025. The Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad and the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP are supporting efforts to promote water conservation in Islamabad.For details see: https://bit.ly/2VZZ7Jh| UNDP in Asia and the Pacific | Government of Pakistan | Ignacio Artaza UNDP |

Geplaatst door UNDP Pakistan op Vrijdag 15 maart 2019

The water recycling prototype installed at local wash stations is a step towards saving water for our future. Car wash stations waste a lot of water when washing cars. With the recycling prototype, they will now be able to reuse the water they use to wash the cars so that water can be saved.

UNDP and MCI in Islamabad plan to install this water recycling prototype to many other car washing stations in the near future.

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