Beware, this shop in Islamabad is selling expired chocolate

Beware, this shop in Islamabad is selling expired chocolate

Chocolates are easily one of the best things you can eat when you are craving for sweets. In Islamabad, there are tons of stores that keep imported chocolate with them to cater to the taste buds of every kind of chocolate lover.

You’ll usually see a large collection of imported chocolates in D. Watson stores, Shaheen chemist stores, and fuel station shops. In fact, one of the largest collection of imported chocolates is held by a fuel shop store in F-8 Markaz.

But if you are always on the lookout for imported chocolates, stay well aware from the PSO pump stop shop in G-7 Markaz. Someone recently bought a pack of Maltesers from the store at not only hiked prices, but the chocolate was also expired. You can see the photos below and see the state of chocolate and the expiry date on them.

Citizens have already shared the photo with the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad and are hoping immediate action will be taken against the shop owner.

CDA and other authorities are constantly in search of stores like these. Make sure you always inform them when you find something like this so swift action can be taken.

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