Top of the line burger joint opens in Karachi Company

Top of the line burger joint opens in Karachi Company

Karachi Company in G-9 is one of the busiest hubs of Islamabad. There are many local shops where you can buy various day-to-day things at a bargain price.

However, the markaz has often been criticized for not having family restaurants or fast food chains. Although there are some restaurants in the markaz, very few have arrangements for the family.

The only proper family restaurant in Karachi Company is Chillman but it is also a bit on the expensive side. Things are finally shifting and Karachi company has also started receiving family joints and restaurants.

The latest is The Shake Sahab, a local burger joint that aims to give you quality eccentric beef and chicken burgers with shakes. It has been opened in the same area where Tehzeeb and Chillman are. You can easily find it in the same line Punjab Cash and Carry is.

The burger joint has a small area where a family can also enjoy a meal. The restaurant also delivers to many areas of Islamabad so make sure to check them out when you are looking for a burger next.

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