CDA has set up 5 free pollen allergy camps in Islamabad

CDA has set up 5 free pollen allergy camps in Islamabad

With the Spring season comes all sort of allergies. In Islamabad, people are commonly found having allergic reactions to many trees and plants in the capital city.

The pollen count has reached an alerting number which has caused CDA to set up 5 free pollen allergy camps in Islamabad to ensure that people who have a severe reaction from these allergies can find a timely solution.

The five allergy camps are situated at these locations.

I-10 social security dispensary
Community Centre Aabpara
G-7 dispensary CDA
G-9 dispensary CDA
I-10 dispensary CDA

All of these camps are now active and patients are being treated. The camps will remain active until the 16th of April. This is the same time when the pollen count in Islamabad is expected to fall.

Moreover, CDA has also made sure that the following medicines are available at many private drugstores in the capital. These medicines include:

Antibiotics include
Tab Ciprofloxacin , Tab Cefiget
Anti-allergics include Tab Loratadine, Tab Cetrizine, Tab Montelukast(for severe cases)
Steroids for status asthmaticus patients (oral plus (I/V)
Cough syrups
Nebulisers (ventolin)
Bronchodilators (Salbutamol)
Paracetamol and many others

Additionally, drugstores will carry masks and brochures for the awareness of pollen allergy. The camps will remain open every day from 10 AM to 4 PM.

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