Here’s what went down at the ITP gala in F-9 Park

Here’s what went down at the ITP gala in F-9 Park

The Islamabad Traffic Police held its famous ITP Gala over the weekend and it was probably the biggest and most successful of the events the police has organized in the past.

The two-day gala was held to entertain and educate the citizens over how the police work in Islamabad. There were tons of food and other product stalls, a wrestling show, horse show and a demonstration by the Islamabad CTF force.

The highlight of the show was the demonstration by the CTF show which showed the people different aspects of how the police operate. It included a display of sniper firing, rescuing hostage takers, targeting hardcore terrorists, crossing fire ridden rings and more.

During the gala, there were also performances by local musicians which kept the citizens entertained as they shopped for goods and enjoyed eating a variety of food available at the gala. There was even a presser where the IGP Islamabad and the interior minister were present to address the concerns of the city. They assured that the police will keep working hard to keep the city safe from various negative activities.

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