Water coolers and fans arrive at Islamabad Panagah

Water coolers and fans arrive at Islamabad Panagah

The shelter homes that were opened for the less unfortunate last year were a huge success. Every day the shelter homes not only provide the downtrodden with a place to sleep in peace, but the management also serves them with food two times a day.

In the winters, the shelter homes had received warm blankets from the government as well as in the form of donations from the general public who wish to support these shelter homes.

Since the summers are approaching real quickly, things are getting hot and humid in the shelter homes and currently, there were no fans installed in the homes.

But thanks to the general public, the shelter homes have now received new pedestal fans as well as water coolers to keep the shelter homes cool in the summer heat.

The poor people will once again have a place to call home thanks to these generous donations by the public of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Sooner or later these homes will require more donations and the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad hopes that the people will keep supporting these efforts.