Modern gym opens doors in Commercial Market, Satellite Town

Modern gym opens doors in Commercial Market, Satellite Town

Residents of Sattelite Town which shares the border with Islamabad can finally go to a decent gym to meet their healthy life requirements. The gym FitLytics have just opened their doors in Commercial Market and it is by far the best gym in the area.

You’ll find modern machinery as well as educated staff to help you reach your weight loss or muscle gain goals during the summer. One of the biggest benefits of joining this gym is that you get to join it for free. There is rarely any gym in Islamabad and Pindi that does not charge an admission fee.

Some of the gyms in the capital and its sister city charge ridiculous amounts of admission fee which makes it hard for people to join the gym.

Within the gym, you can do physical exercises under workout routines such as HIIT and Body shape training, cardio and strength training, weight control and diet nutrition, endurance, aerobics, Zumba and Yoga.

Members can also avail personal training and group training classes at very affordable rates.

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