30+ Best Islamabad Sehri and Iftar Buffets Ramadan 2019

30+ Best Islamabad Sehri and Iftar Buffets Ramadan 2019

Ramadan 2019 is here and as always, many restaurants across Islamabad and Rawalpindi are offering Iftar buffets as well as Sehri buffets along with Iftar platters and Sehri Platters.

We have collected a list of Islamabad Iftar buffets in 2019 below!

Street Burger Iftar Deal

Lokal Cafe Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Remanence Iftar Deal

Baile Flavors Iftar Deal

Doka Mocca Iftar Buffet and Sehri Deal

Petit Bruge Iftar Deal

Yogi Haus Iftar Buffet

Chaaye Khana Iftar Deal

12 Bar Blues Iftari Deal

Bhaati Gate Sehri and Iftari Buffet

Khiva Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Meraki Iftari Buffet

Baauz Iftar Buffet

Meikong PWD Iftar Buffet

The Monal Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Asian Wok Iftar buffet

BLT Iftar and Sehri Buffet

Istanbul Restaurant Iftar Buffet

Chilman Iftar Buffet

Marriot Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Aura Grande Iftar Buffet

The Arz Lebanon Iftar Buffet

Habibi Iftar Deal

La Montana Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Des Pardes Sehri and Iftar Buffet

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi Sehri and Iftar Buffet

2 Broke Engineers Iftar Deal

Is your favorite restaurant on the list? Did we miss any great deal? Let us know!