Here’s why CDA is still unable to fix faulty traffic lights in Islamabad

Here’s why CDA is still unable to fix faulty traffic lights in Islamabad

If you commute through the roads of Islamabad on a daily basis, there is a good chance that you come across traffic lights that are either completely shut off or are not working properly.

The issue of traffic lights being faulty is something that has plagued the capital city for a very long time. Some areas, such as I-11, G-8, F-8, G-10, and F-10 have traffic lights that have been shut down for a very long time without any attention from the authorities.

Citizens have lodged complaints with the Islamabad Traffic Police for a long time now with no luck. According to an official from ITP, the responsibility of fixing faulty traffic lights lie in the hands of CDA. And ITP is only responsible for reporting faulty lights to the authority.

The officer has also revealed that traffic Police has made several reports on traffic lights but CDA has not taken any action.

And when CDA was asked about this, they denied commenting on the issue. But an anonymous officer from the authority has revealed that traffic lights are usually fixed by contractors and for the past two years, CDA did not have enough funds to give a contract to a company to fix these lights.

But according to the same officer, the authority has now handed Rs. 5 million to a company known as M/S Meeco for the maintenance of the lights for at least one year. Now that the CDA has finally given the contract, everyone is hopeful that the traffic lights will finally be fixed. Or will they remain a problem?